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Heat Treatment Process  

Heat Treatment Process




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 Heat treatment process is a series of operations involving the heating and cooling of  metals in the solid state.  Its purpose is to change a mechanical property or combination of mechanical properties so that the metal will be more useful, serviceable, and safe for definite purpose. By heat treating, a metal can be made harder, stronger, and more resistant to impact, Heat treatment process can also make a metal softer and more ductile. No one heat-treating operation can produce all of these characteristics. In fact, some properties are often improved at the expense of others. In being hardened, for example, a metal may become brittle.



Heat treatment Process

Heat Treatment Furnace

Quenching Process

Solution Heat Treatment Metal

Quenching Process Steel

Cooling System of Heat Treatment

Precipitation of Hardening

Heat Treatment of Titanium

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Heat Treatment of Magnesium


 The various heat-treatment process are similar in that they all involve that heating and cooling of metals. They differ, however, in the temperatures to which the metal is heated, the rate at which it is cooled, and, of course, in the final result.

   The most common forms of heat treatment process for ferrous metals are hardening, tempering, normalizing, annealing, and casehardening. Most non ferrous metals can be annealed  and many of them can be hardened by heat treatment. However, there is only one nonferrous metal, titanium, that can be casehardened, and none can be tempered or normalized ....... 
























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